Silver is set to make a big comeback after years of decline amid the economic crisis.

Analysts say the mining boom is driven by an economic shift that has people buying more silver.

The silver market is expected to reach $2 billion in 2020, according to Bloomberg data.

Silver prices rose 2.5% on Thursday, while gold prices fell 1.3%.

Silver and gold miners in the United States have been able to maintain their profit margins while the mining sector has shrunk in the past two years.

But the economic slowdown has prompted some miners to shift their focus from mining silver to gold.

Silver miners have been investing in equipment that can detect changes in the silver content of their mine, and they’ve begun to buy and sell silver bullion, Reuters reported.

The company’s silver mines are located in the Greek city of Atapapetra and on the island of Gigantic, and it owns and operates four gold mines, Reuters said.