Silver Bear Mines in the South West of Ireland have been described as being the “golden mines of the south west” and they are not far from Dublin city centre.

The mine has been opened for exploration by the Silver Bear Group, a private exploration company with a focus on gold, copper and silver.

It is a long way from the nearest town of Drogheda, and it is in a region where mining is relatively new, in a remote area of the country that has a population of about 5,000 people.

Its estimated that around 200 people have already worked at the mine, but its only opened to foreign visitors, meaning it will be a long-term investment for the company.

It has been built over a period of decades, and now there are plans to expand the mine to a larger area.

The mines workings are still under construction, and there is an ongoing programme of environmental reviews to make sure it complies with all environmental and health regulations.

There are also plans to have a large underground storage facility, as well as a coal-fired power plant.

But the company’s managing director, John Ryan, told RTE that the company was confident it was “ahead of the game”.

“We are well on our way to achieving our objectives,” he said.

“We have been here for over 20 years, and we are going to make a successful mine out of this site.”

He added that it was not a large project and that the mining would be “relatively small”.

“The size of the mine is about 1.3 square kilometres,” he told Rte.

“We have a big mine in the west and a smaller one in the north, so there’s a bit of overlap.”

“I don’t think the company has been able to achieve that on their own, so we need to take it on from a partner.”

Mr Ryan said that they were “committed” to the mine and were “very, very confident” that they would succeed in the mine.

“I would love to say we have all the answers, but it’s quite difficult to get there, so I’m not going to put too much faith in them,” he added.

“It’s really the partnership that we have here, and that is what makes the decision to mine here so important.”

It is unclear how much work has been done on the site, but Mr Ryan said there were no plans to remove any structures from the site.

It will be some time before the mine can be opened for mining.

“They’re still working on it and there are lots of steps that they need to go through to be able to open the mine,” he continued.

“There’s still some environmental work to be done.

But we’re very confident that we can make this happen.”