The players of the NFL’s Houston Texans will be staying home for the start of the regular season.

They’ll also be missing the opportunity to get together with teammates and coaches during the bye week.

The team said Thursday the decision was not made lightly and is “in the best interest of the players, the Texans organization and our fans.”

The Texans will also miss the opportunity for players to celebrate with fans at a charity event in the Houston area that was scheduled for Sunday.

They also will miss out on playing in the AFC championship game.

In a statement, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said: “We do not condone nor support these actions and we are deeply disappointed in them.

Our focus remains on the game and preparing for the playoffs.”

The NFL has suspended players from participating in the preseason games, a league source told USA TODAY Sports.

The league will have a policy on the matter, the source said.

The players will also be unable to meet with their families in person and will be required to sign non-disclosure agreements that prohibit them from discussing the investigation.

The NFLPA has called on the league to release all information about the investigation and its findings.

It’s not clear if the players’ suspensions will last.

Players will be fined for the first offense and suspended for the second, per the league.

The Texans have a bye week in January, so this is the first time players have been suspended for an NFL game since the 2016 season.

The move comes after the league decided to release the investigation report that detailed the allegations made by former agent Trent Baalke and his wife.

The investigation was completed by a former FBI agent, who did not work on the investigation, and it was handed to the NFL in July 2017.

The report revealed that the Baalke-led team had a policy in place for the use of a team’s security staff to handle any potential fallout from the investigation if it became public.

The probe did not make public the names of any of the former players who worked on the team’s staff.

Baalke, who is currently serving a two-year prison sentence for bank fraud, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and said he had nothing to do with the allegations against him.

The Baalke family did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.