The Gold Rush is back.

There’s a new gold rush.

And it’s happening in Indiana.

In fact, it’s the gold rush that’s been brewing for years.

Indiana State University is planning to open up an 800-acre, 100-year-old silver mine on the campus of the University of Indianapolis in 2019.

The university has been working with the American Silver Company for the past four years to open the new mine.

The company’s president said that the project will be an opportunity for people from around the world to mine for the precious metal.

The company has been mining for nearly 200 years in Indiana, according to the company’s website.

The mine will produce about 6 million ounces of silver each year.

The mine will be the largest gold mine in Indiana and it will be located just south of the city of Indianapolis, where a state park is located.

The site is located on the edge of the Black Hills National Park.

Indiana has seen gold and silver mining since the 1800s, and it was one of the first states to introduce the gold standard, according the American Association of Gold Mine Operators.

The state of Indiana has a population of about 2.2 million people, making it one of Indiana’s largest mining states.

There are about 5,400 gold mines in the state.

Indiana State will be able to pay for the operation of the mine, which is expected to cost about $5 million, according AP.

The new gold mine is expected start operations in 2019 and could have a major impact on Indiana’s economy, according a release from the Indiana Department of Revenue.

According to the release, Indiana is the largest silver producer in the United States.

The state has a silver mining industry with a combined annual revenue of more than $9.2 billion, according American Silver.

The announcement comes as gold prices are up more than 30% since the end of September.

Silver has gained nearly 60% this year and is now trading at $1,225 an ounce.