Raspberry Pi’s silver mining robot, Silver, has been making its way through the Silver Reef mine in Western Australia, and the mine’s owners have been quick to take notice.

Silver is a smart mining robot that can mine for precious metals, including silver, gold and platinum.

But the robot is not just a mining machine.

It also can extract water, and in this case, the Silver reef mine in the Silver Bay area of WA has become an unofficial water park.

The Silver reef mines are one of many that use robots to extract water from the surface, according to the Perth Mercury, which says Silver’s operator has since been contacted by local residents concerned about the water quality of the water.

The owner of the Silver mine says that he is currently working on a new mine, and has not yet made a decision on what he will do with the Silver robots.

Silver’s owners, Gold and Platinum Mining, are confident the robot will be a success and are optimistic it will help with the mine.

Gold Mining said that the Silver mining robots will be used to drill through rock and soil, to collect minerals, and then use them to drill and extract water.

“Silver’s ability to extract natural water from rock is unique in its ability to do so at the speed of light, using its laser to penetrate rock layers up to 25 kilometres in depth,” it said in a statement.

“Our team has worked closely with Silver to ensure that it is safe to use.

The Silver robots are safe to operate and are in excellent condition.”