Apush Silver Mines has announced it has secured a $200 million investment from Ontario’s Silver Mine.

The company is expected to have the mine operational by 2019.

In a statement Apush said, “We are pleased to be part of this exciting investment, which is a significant step forward in our quest to achieve a sustainable future for our Canadian Silver Mine.”

The company has been developing and operating the Silver Mine since 2011.

“We are committed to ensuring our partners will have the highest possible standards and standards that will provide long-term success for our Silver Mine, and we will continue to strive for excellence in our operations,” said Jim Baudet, president and CEO of Apush.

Apush Silver Mine is located on the west shore of Lake Ontario in Ontario’s Niagara Falls.

The mine was originally a gold mine but was abandoned in 2014.

Silver Mines is an Ontario-based company that has been operating mines in Ontario for the last decade.

The Silver Mine has been producing silver for more than a decade, but has been unable to recover from a 2013 mine collapse.