By Mike Tessler, Medical News TODAY article Posted May 07, 2019 09:15:13A silver star mining company in North Carolina has decided to turn to gold instead of silver, because the mining process can’t work as well in the metal.

Silver star gold mining is a popular way to mine gold in North America because it has lower costs than silver.

But the company, Silver Star Mine, decided to do the opposite.

They decided to start using gold instead.

The silver star mines in North and South Carolina, which are known for their silver mines, have seen a surge in gold miners recently.

North Carolina mines have seen an increase in gold and silver miners since President Donald Trump took office.

Silver Star mine spokesman Greg Sorensen said the company is looking to diversify and that they will continue to make sure they are using the best resources and practices.

He said the silver star gold mines in South Carolina are in good shape.