Gold Coast mining worker Michael McEwen says he has no regrets about his decision to join the platinum and palladium mining sector.

The Gold Coast man is one of three people who have already joined platinum and gold mining companies.

Michael McEwan, who has worked at the Gold Coast copper mine since it opened in 2012, said he had no regrets.

“I am really proud to have joined platinum mining, it’s my dream job,” he said.

His company is called Gold Coast Platinum Mining.

He said he would be working as a mine engineer and as an apprentice to his current employer, the Canadian Platinum Association (CPA).

“When we opened Gold Coast we were really excited, and now we are going to grow,” Mr McEwens said.

Mr McEwaens father has been working at the mine for 40 years and his parents work in the same company.

Gold Coast Platinum Mines said it was an exciting opportunity to expand and provide a better workplace for its employees.

Mr Mc Ewens dad said he was excited to be part of the Gold Coasts first platinum mine and to help build a future for Gold Coast.

It was a great opportunity to grow my career, he said, and a good one for me as a father.

In 2015, Mr Mc Ewan said the mine had been struggling to recruit workers.

When asked why he joined Gold Coast platinum, Mr MCEwan said he wanted to get out of the mining industry.

However, when he got to Gold Coast, he found he was already working.

I wanted to go to work, I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, he added.

A year later, Mr McCrean was appointed a Gold Coast employee, becoming one of the first people in the country to join a platinum and iron ore mine.

With the arrival of the new gold mines at the coast, the number of platinum and copper mines in the Goldcoast has more than doubled, with two new mines under construction in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and Whitsundays.

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