UPDATE 10:55 AM EDT: The Silver Mountain Mine is open.

The miners have been back at work.

They say they are doing great.

They’re excited.

We’re excited too.

It’s just that we’ve got to do it right.

It took four years for them to reopen, and they’re back.

So the first order of business will be to get the power back on, but I think we’ll be fine.

We’ve got all the basics in place.

I just hope the power goes back up again in about a week or two.

I think this is the best time to do this.

So we’ll see how it goes, but it’s going to be good.

I mean, this is a huge success.

So, I don’t think this will be the last.

I don.

And I hope it doesn’t take the next four years.

It’ll be a nice change.

I hope they’re all back in business in about two months.

We’ll see.

And we’ll start to see that trickle down.

But it’s good to get back to business again, so thank you all so much for your support.

And thanks to everyone who’s contributed to this story, and I know that’s the sentiment out there.

We have to keep doing this because we have a lot of support from our friends and family.

We are grateful for it.

Thank you all.

Reporter: As mines reopened, many people were amazed by the sight of a giant silver lining.

The Silver River mine in central Nevada, once the home of silver, is being converted into a gold mine.

It was closed in April after a deadly mine explosion that killed three workers.

The mine is the site of another massive explosion in July, which destroyed the town of Wye, Utah.

So what does this mean for miners in the area?

Silver River Mine spokesman Matt Kranz said that workers will be able to use the mine for mining until about August, when they will resume operations.

Reporter David Zuckerman, NBC News: When the miners are back at their jobs, the Silver River site is being rechristened as the Silver Lake mine, and the town will be renamed Silver Lake.

It will be a silver mine, not a gold one.

We think it’s a great way to start off this transition and get them back in the business, said Matt Krasner, Silver Lake Mine spokesman.

So if you’ve been in Silver Lake or Silver Lake, Wye or Wye Village, you’ll be able access the Silver Mountain mine, which has a gold ore deposit.

And the Silverlake mine is a gold, silver and gold mine, so we think it’ll be in good hands.

Reporter Tom Sullivan: The silver mining boom in Nevada has been hailed as the silver to silver mining competition, but some say it’s overblown.

The industry is booming.

We can’t afford to be complacent.

And it’s been a boom, a roaring boom, with miners going to a lot more mines, and mining going up, up, and up, at the expense of the environment.

So it’s very much overblown and we need to take it seriously.

Reporter John Rabe, NBC’s Chief Environmental Correspondent: I mean if we want to protect the environment, we have to protect our environment.

We want to be the silver mining gold, and we can’t have the silver mines running dry and there is nothing we can do about it.

We should be working to keep the mines open.

Reporter Amy Goldstein, NPR reporter: The mines will be closed for a couple of weeks in the meantime, and there are no plans for any new mines in the near future.

I know this is good news, but they are just not in the best financial position to be doing that, said Mark DeLuca, Silver Mountain Mining.

They don’t have enough money to keep on doing it and that’s why we’re just getting them back to the old way of doing things.

Reporter Dan Savage, talk radio host: In the wake of the devastating explosion, a group of miners in Wye and Silver Lake took to the mine to express their gratitude to the miners, the community and to the silver miners themselves.

They are doing it again.

Reporter Daniel Lippman, producer: The miners were ecstatic, but this time they were ready to get to work.

But they have not had the chance yet.

Reporter Jon Meacham, NPR News: The mine has reopened, but the workers will have to be back in Woe on August 1st.

But not everybody is happy.

Wye Mayor Chris Smith says he’s worried about the environment because the mine is still open.

So he says he will be lobbying for the mine’s reopening to come back, but he doesn’t expect to see it come back any time soon.

And Wye’s local gold mining company, Gold Mining, says it’s not about the money.

They will do the right thing.

They want the mines