An Australian company is testing a silver mine in South Australia, where gold is mined, to see if the mineral can be mined on a large scale.

The mine, located at Stirling in south-east South Australia is being operated by goldmines company Goldcorp, which is located on the banks of the Goldfields.

It is also the first mine to mine gold in the Gold Fields in Australia since 2008.

Goldcorp said the company is working with the Australian Government to get the mine licence and the mining licence to go ahead.

The company says the mine will generate approximately $1 billion in annual revenue for the Australian economy.

The project has attracted attention in Australia, which has more than 2,000 gold mines.

In 2014, Goldcorps CEO Peter Smith told ABC News the mine would generate between $1bn and $2bn a year in annual revenues for the local economy.

Goldmine operations have been banned in South Africa, because of environmental concerns.

The Australian Government has ordered the mining company to cease operations, which the company has denied.

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