Tipperary, Ireland has long been a haven for gold miners, with many of them returning to the area to mine for the metal.

But in recent years, Tipperarans are starting to take up silver mining as a way to earn a living and diversify their wealth.

And one of the first silver mines to open in Tipperaries mining town was located on a nearby lake, which in turn led to the town’s residents turning to the silver mines.

The Silvermine, located on Lake Tipperay, is owned by the Silver Mine Development Company.

The company has partnered with Tipperarias Silver and Gold Association (SSGA) to develop the mine, which will provide jobs for local men and women, and will provide a sustainable source of income for the town.

The mine, on a site located about an hour’s drive from Tipperarie, is scheduled to open this summer.

The first workers will begin mining the ore, which has a silver content of 20% to 30%.

The mines owners plan to open another mine later this year.

The mining operation is expected to bring an estimated $40 million to Tipperaria, according to the SSGA.

The mines will also be able to employ more than 100 people in Tippershire, according the company.

The silver mines project is not without its challenges, however.

The town, which sits on the banks of the Lake Tippersay, has seen a decline in gold miners due to the recent gold price slump.

Many of the workers are currently working in nearby villages in Co Tyrone, but the company has said the mine will provide employment to those who have already left the region.

Tipperarians mayor, Richard O’Shea, said that as silver mines began to appear, many people felt that they were not able to get back to their communities and were left with nothing.

He said that since the silver mining project was launched, the town has had to deal with people who are unemployed or have been evicted.

O’She alder said that although the town may be dependent on silver mines, the Silvermine has been a way for people to survive.

He added that he believes the SilverMine will bring jobs and income to Tippersary, but also a sustainable income for Tipperarians.