A silver buckle mine licence is a licence issued to miners to dig and mine silver coins.

They must also pay a licence fee of $2,500.

Mining gold and silver is also illegal.

The silver buckle mines have been around for decades.

They started out in the late 1800s, with a licence to mine copper in the 1800s.

Gold mines have long been an issue in the Gold Coast, with people often using the mines to get around the law.

Gold miners have been charged with serious criminal offences, including robbery, assault and theft.

There are also concerns the mines could pose a risk to public health.

A silver buckle mine licence can only be granted to people who have completed their secondary education or who have at least a high school diploma.

A new licence can be obtained for someone who holds a diploma from a university.

If you’re interested in owning a Silver Buckle Mine, you should contact Gold Coast Regional District Mines and Energy Operations for more information.