Posted March 27, 2018 09:17:24 The Black Diamond Mining Company is set to release a new mine that will be located in the Black diamond mining district of Attica Silver Mine in Romania.

It’s the first of a planned set of mines to be built at the mine in the country’s south, according to Romanian media outlet BN.

Romanian mining company Black Diamond Mines is the largest operator in Romania’s copper, zinc, gold and silver mines.

According to its website, the BlackDiamond Mining Company has already laid out four mining sites at the Blackiamond mine site.

The BlackDiamond Mine will be set to open in 2019, and the company says it is “ready to start the construction process” within two months.

The site will be connected to the nearby Black Diamond mine, which will be finished in 2021.

The mines are already planned to be expanded to include copper and gold mining and will have the capacity to produce 10,000 metric tons of copper.

Romanian media have reported that the BlackDiamond Mining Company will be selling the mines in the next year.

Romanian news website BN has reported that Romania has signed an agreement with the Russian-controlled Black Diamond Group, a mining company based in the United States, to expand the Black diamonds in Romania, as well as the BlackGold mines in Romania and the Black-Diamond mines in Canada.