A mining worker is seen by onlookers on the Gold Creek Mine site, in the Athabasca region of Saskatchewan, Canada, on April 15, 2019.

The Athabascan gold mine workers union said on Wednesday that it plans to organize for a $20 an hour minimum wage at the mine, and that it wants more safety training and support for the thousands of other workers who have been left out of the national labour market.

The Gold Creek mine, which is in the middle of a major copper mine expansion, has been plagued by violence.

Last year, the mine was locked down for three weeks after a fight between miners and workers escalated into a riot.

The violence prompted the provincial government to declare a state of emergency and closed all of the mine’s mining operations.

(Photo: Daniel MacLeod, The Associated Press)The Gold Creek workers union is now planning a strike and a walkout to demand a $15 per hour minimum-wage for all workers, and to demand the government provide the mine with safety training.

It is also calling for an increase in the number of workers who are trained in the use of riot shields, which were designed to protect workers from dangerous situations.

The Athabaskan Silver Mines is one of the most profitable mines in the world, with revenues of more than $15 billion.

The company is currently expanding a $1.4 billion copper mine in the area, which it hopes to open by 2019.

But in a news release, the union said it has “serious concerns” about the safety of the Athas gold mine and is calling for a more proactive approach to protecting workers from unsafe conditions.

The union has not yet made its request to the Canadian government for a minimum wage.

But the workers said they want a better safety and working environment for all of their fellow workers.

“There is a lack of training, there is a shortage of support,” union president Dave MacLeod said in an interview.

“I think there’s a lack in the training, in some of the support.”

MacLeod said he hopes to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday to discuss safety issues.

He said the union will also be sending a letter to the federal government on Wednesday.

The workers’ union is not the only one to call for a wage increase at the Athashas gold mines.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees is also trying to organize at least one mine worker.

In a statement, CUPE said it’s been working with its members to secure a $16.25 per hour wage.

The union said that it’s working with the Athafacal Gold Mine owner, Alberta-based Silver Mines Resources Ltd., to help raise wages and improve conditions.