The biggest silver mining site in the world, the largest silver mine in the US, and the biggest silver miner in Canada are all located in southern Ontario, and there’s also a giant copper mine nearby.

But as far as anyone knows, these mines have all been shut down, or at least the latest news is that the copper mine is shut. 

“In terms of silver mining, there is no silver mine that is operating in Canada,” said John Lehrman, a spokesperson for the Canadian Silver Company, which operates the silver mine.

“There’s a number of other mines in the United States and Europe that have operated under different management structures.”

“There is no reason to believe that these operations would be disrupted,” he added.

The copper mine has been closed for almost three years due to a lack of funding from the federal government. 

The mines owners and the mine owners’ lawyers are now trying to get the federal Government to reopen the copper mines.

The mines operators say they have already lost more than $50 million to mine closure costs, and that’s just a few years’ worth of operating costs.

“I don’t believe there will be any financial losses for us, but it will certainly be difficult for us to continue to operate,” said Mike Kelleher, the CEO of the Canadian Copper Association.

“We will be forced to close.”

The Canadian Copper Company was founded in 1978 and operates one of the largest copper mining operations in the country.

It’s been a Canadian mining company for over a century.

 “The mine was closed for a variety of reasons, including financial difficulties, in 2009,” Kelleher said.

“In the past, it was because of the loss of copper ore.

The mine was reopened in 2016.

That was a difficult time for the copper company, and we had a tough time trying to operate in that environment.”

The last two years have been very difficult for our business,” he said.

As far as the government is concerned, the copper miners are under a federal licence that was created in 2013.

But because of a lack in funding for the mines, the government has shut the mine down, and is not paying the costs.

Lehrmann said he has had to lay off his entire staff and had to shut down his mine because of the shutdown.

“This is really a loss for us and a loss to the community.””

Our staff and we are devastated,” Kelleh told The Toronto Star.

“This is really a loss for us and a loss to the community.”

The mine is one of several mines that the mine owner has operated for decades. 

In 1977, the owner of the mine, John Lemus, was executed for the murder of his son. 

Lemingus was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison, but his trial ended with a mistrial. 

He was eventually released in 1993.

In 2004, Lemenus claimed he was never charged for the killing.

Since then, his son, Robert Leman, has claimed to have been the shooter in the killing of Lemsus. 

Robert is now serving life without parole for the crime, though Leraus has denied any involvement. 

After Llemenus’ execution, he bought the Canadian Copper Company and started operating the mine. 

Since that time, it has been operating under the name Silver Peak miner. 

Silver peak is a corporate name for the Copper Mine and Silver Mine Super Mine. 

According to Canadian Press, Silver is the second largest copper mine in Canada. 

However, the mine was closed in 2016 after the Federal Government announced that it was unable to raise $1.3 billion in additional funding. 

Lehrman said that while the copper mining company has not been profitable, the silver mine had raised more than $40 million from investors. 

Kleher said that the mine has lost more than $50 million to mine closure. 

There is a number of other mining companies operating in Canada and around the world that are not operating in a very successful manner, Kalleh said. 

As far as the mine’s operators are concerned, they have lost more than $500 million in funding. 

But the coal mine has also been shuttered, leaving some mining people in Canada confused. They have not heard