Skyrim: A Skyrim Silver Mine Set on YouTube.

The first Skyrim silver mine set to debut on YouTube this year, this set of costumes is the result of the Skyrim developer’s desire to be the first to make the mod available on YouTube and to showcase the creation of new characters for the game.

The set, titled “Skyrim Silvermine: Skaven vs. Skaven”, features the Skaven from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the new Skaven in the game and a bunch of other Skaven characters.

The trailer shows off the skavens in action, including the legendary Skaven warrior, Skaven King, Skavvak, Skag-Tat and Skaven Lord.

Skyrim creator Markus “Notch” Persson also announced the set at the show, saying the idea for this set began as a joke between himself and his friend and colleague, actor Chris Lee, during a livestream event.

Notch also shared some of the backstory behind his creation of this set, which was the result a long process of creating costumes for various other mods, including a bunch that are already available.

“I really wanted to make it so that if I made it, it would be available to the general public, but that was really hard, and I thought, ‘I don’t want to have to explain this to anyone,'” he said.

“So, this is a very long and detailed process that took a lot of time, and the Skavs are really important to me.

So, I thought it would have to be a really long time before I would be able to do it.”

Notch said the Skavid costumes have to fit within the game’s limitations and are limited to a minimum of 16 characters.

He says the set is meant to be “fun for the viewers, but I think that’s also good for the creators.”

He shared some new details on how to make a Skaven costume.

“There are two ways you can make a character in Skyrim,” Notch explained.

“You can make them as an Orc, or you can be an Orc and be a skaven,” he said, adding that it is important to create a character with the right set of stats, so that he can survive a few encounters.

“When you make an Orc character, you can also make them into an Orcish Orc, a Skavish Orc or an Orc Lord, which gives you the ability to fight, which means you can’t be a Skald anymore,” he explained.

He also shared a look at the Skave, which is the final boss in the Skyrim mod, and how it’s possible to get the outfit and helmet.

“If you take the Skaves helmet off, and you put it on, it will make you invincible,” he added.

“It makes it so you can run through the sewers, jump over the rocks, but it will also make you very strong.”

Skaven Lords also show up in the set, including Lord Skav, Skava and Skav Skaven, which are both Skaven warriors.

The costumes are also available to download on YouTube, which has over 40 million subscribers at the time of this writing.

It is unclear if the Skagtats set will be the only Skaven set to make its way to YouTube, as the Skaver set has been making its way on YouTube for quite some time now.

The Skaven costumes are available for purchase now on the Skyrim Workshop and can be purchased separately or as a bundle with other Skav sets.

Not all of the costumes in the skyrim set have been made available to watch on YouTube yet, but they are likely to be added soon.

The skaven set will also be available in a limited time sale on September 30.