The Irish silver mines are being closed in the latest blow to the country’s mining industry as a wave of cheap silver is being imported.

The new mining ban is likely to mean the closure of about two thirds of the countrys existing silver mines and the loss of more than 1,000 jobs.

The decision was made in response to a court case brought by a group of miners who said the importation of cheap metal from China was causing the decline of their industry.

The move comes after the EU imposed new rules on silver imports after a global financial crisis, banning gold and copper from the bloc.

The ban comes after an EU-US gold ban, which has now been extended for five years, came into effect.

It is also the latest move in a wave that has seen imports of cheap steel from China decline by a fifth in a year.

The latest import restrictions will see a total of 6,800 tonnes of silver imported from China, the majority of which is coming from the United States.

The EU said last month that it would impose a new import ban on the import of cheap iron and steel.

The import ban is not linked to a planned EU-China free trade agreement.

It comes just days after the US banned imports of Chinese imports of iron ore from a number of US mines.

The US ban was due to take effect on Friday, but it has now come into force, and will take effect in two weeks.

The Irish Government has defended the decision, saying the silver ban is necessary to keep prices low.

“We have to do it.

We have to protect the jobs of the miners and our own economy,” Minister for Finance Michael Noonan said on Thursday.”

Silver is one of the most important metals in the world and it’s important to protect that.

We know that it’s going to be used in the steel industry, in the aluminum industry, it’s a very important metal.”

Mr Noonan is the leader of Fine Gael’s coalition partners.

The decision comes after several other countries imposed import restrictions on silver in recent months.

The United States imposed a blanket import ban in November, as a result of the financial crisis and a number other countries have followed suit.

It follows the ban imposed in April on the export of Chinese goods.

China has not been able to sell its metal in Ireland due to restrictions in the country, including a ban on importing steel.

There are currently 1,724 silver mines worldwide.

The country has two gold mines in the south west of the island, as well as three copper mines.

It also has one copper smelter and one zinc mine.